Gabicce Mare

10 Best Things to Do in Gabicce Mare, Italy

Gabicce Mare is located along the Adriatic coast, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. It is a small naturalistic jewel that stands out for its cliffs and Monte San Bartolo’s promontory overlooking the sea. The mountain is also a nature reserve and is crisscrossed by paths with views of the entire Riviera Romagnola.
Although small in size, Gabicce Mare is home to a hundred hotels with all the services you need, equipped beaches, and many activities to do.
It is always the right occasion to visit it, in summer it is one of the favorite destinations for beach vacations, in spring and autumn it is the ideal destination for cycling tourism thanks to its scenic roads, also in spring, it acquires an even more special charm for the brooms in bloom.

Gabicce Mare Beach

Gabicce Mare

The fine sandy beach is one of the most equipped on the entire Marche coast thanks to the excellent services available that offer tourists both relaxation and entertainment, also suitable for families with children. Despite being a tiny town, about fifty bathing establishments are all well-kept and full of activities for athletes and children; most beaches also offer free bikes to their customers and the anti-loss bracelet. There are also free beaches, albeit quite crowded, especially in the upper reaches. In short, there is really everything you could want for a proper holiday.


Cattolica Beach, Italy

It is true, Gabicce Mare is located in the Marche and Cattolica in Emilia-Romagna, but they are the two localities that are located at the ends of their respective regions, thus forming a single tourist center. Furthermore, they are connected by a pedestrian bridge over the stream that flows between the two countries to cross the border between the two regions even with just a walk.
Like Gabicce, Cattolica has been recognized with the Blue Flag and is named the Queen of the Adriatic.
It is, therefore, mandatory to stop off on the fine sandy beach. Entering the city, it is also possible to admire architectural beauties such as the Museum of the Queen, the Teatro La Regina, or the Palazzo del Comune. In the squares, the typical weekly and seasonal markets take place, which always attracts many people.

The pier

It is a truly spectacular place, and it is also the symbol representing the union between Gabicce and Cattolica.
Those who walk along with it and reach beyond the beach can enjoy the breathtaking view observed from the extreme point, allowing you to see the whole coast from Cattolica to Rimini and beyond.

Gabicce Monte

This location offers moments of peace and relaxation, which for those who want to get away for a while ‘from the beaches’ chaos is ideal. Besides, you can enjoy some beautiful panoramic views of the coast below, and then some beautiful and scenic fish restaurants overlook Piazza Valbruna.
For hiking lover is a perfect destination; you can reach on foot or by bike from Gabicce Mare along a road uphill.

Baia di Vallugola

This beach is small and mundane, you will have the possibility to rent umbrellas and sunbeds or just beds, and behind the beach, there are many bars and fish restaurants that make this area suitable to spend one whole day. It is not very recommended for children as the seabed is pebbly and steep, but it is a destination to be reached absolutely for those who do not have children. Due to the pebbles’ presence, the water here is clearer than the rest of the Romagna Riviera.

Monte San Bartolo

The mountain is part of the regional natural park that bears his name and extends from Gabicce Mare to Pesaro’s municipality. We advise you to reach the town of Fiorenzuola di Focara. It has an uncontaminated territory of almost 1,600 hectares for 12 km of coastline. It is also characterized by cliffs and caves, which are rare on the western Adriatic coast. Inside it is possible, and recommended, to go hiking, you will also come across migratory birds for which the Mount acts as a point of reference, in spring you can observe more than 3,500 birds of prey of different species, including the hawk honey buzzard, marsh harrier and red-footed falcon. The park authority always organizes new events and experiences that you can see on their official website.


It is a town located inland, 5 km from Gabicce Mare and worth visiting during your trip. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Moreover, it has been awarded the Orange Flag and, in 2018, it was proclaimed Borgo dei Borghi. In this case, it is really worth moving away from the beach life of Gabicce to enter this really charming and characteristic village. In addition, its majestic medieval castle is connected to Paolo and Francesca’s famous and unfortunate love story, protagonists in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Aquarium of Cattolica

You can take advantage of it to reach the famous aquarium during your trip. A real journey into the underwater world to discover the mysterious depths in over 100 exhibition tanks where sharks, penguins, turtles, jellyfish, and many other creatures swim. Thanks to this tour from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic and Pacific, you will discover many curiosities and interesting things, such as the planet’s history and its biological evolution. In addition, you will learn about the species that have survived for millions of years. It is a must-see for those traveling along the Adriatic coast.

Area Archeologica del Colombarone

Immersed in the Monte San Bartolo Park’s green, it is a site that contains the remains of a Roman villa and an early Christian basilica among the many architectural traces.
A multimedia video introduces you to the path with an immersive reconstruction of the villa’s rooms. In the small museum, exhibits are found during the research and relive the history of the excavations starting from identifying the site by Annibale Degli Abbati Olivieri. It is a fascinating place to discover, especially if you are a genre lover.

Fiorenzuola di Focara Beach

This beach is a beautiful corner of nature, it is located a few kilometers from Gabicce Mare, and if you want to stop on a different and unique beach, you can reach this one. It is characterized by its small medieval village overlooking the sea, about 200 meters high, and has a free beach perfect for lovers of tranquility and “not equipped” beaches. Some more or less winding streets lead to the shore from the top of the hill overlooking the sea. Many young people in the summer spend most of their days in this beautiful place still untouched by mass tourism.

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