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Things to Do in Torre di Palme, Le Marche

A stone’s throw from the most beautiful beaches of the Le Marche region, overlooking the enchanting coast of the Marche at an altitude of 104 meters, lies one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. In the Marche region, there are many, but Torre di Palme is extraordinary. In a very small space, in fact, are concentrated tourist attractions, monuments, and views of exceptional beauty. If you are spending your vacations in Le Marche, do not miss the opportunity to visit this unique place: the mini-guide will plan a perfect tour.

Things to do in Torre di Palme

Church of Sant’Agostino (Torre di Palme)

Church of Sant'Agostino (Torre di Palme)

One of the first churches you meet along the way is the church of Sant’Agostino, right after the tiny church of San Giovanni. The one dedicated to the bishop of Hippo is a very well preserved religious building, famous above all for the presence inside of a painting by Vincenzo Pagani and a suggestive polyptych by Vittore Crivelli.

Palazzo Priorale

Palazzo Priorale, Torre di Palme

Continuing the walk, we reach the Palazzo Priorale, the seat of the village’s town hall, where there is also an ancient sundial. To see also the thirteenth-century embattled tower, one of the six towers of the castle placed to protect this side of the coast of the Marche, the characteristic oratory of San Rocco and the church of Santa Maria a Mare, built between 1100 and 1200 and dominated by the beautiful bell tower of the fourteenth century.

Piazza Amedeo Lattanzi

piazza amedeo lattanzi torre di palme

But the highlight of the visit is undoubtedly the arrival in Piazza Amedeo Lattanzi, an extraordinary panoramic terrace from which you can enjoy an incomparable view of the beautiful sea of Le Marche and the entire coastline.

Bosco del Cugnolo

Torre di Palme, Bosco del Cugnolo

Very close to the village, there is the enchanting Bosco del Cugnolo, a protected floristic area that is possible to visit through a path of about 2 km, not difficult at all. Along the way, it is possible to admire the famous Grotta degli Amanti (Lovers’ Grotto), so-called because, in the early 20th century, it was the scene of a dramatic event concerning two young lovers, Antonio and Laurina, who chose to die together by throwing themselves into the nearby San Filippo ditch.

Fonti Di Palme

In the small village, there is also the Stabilimento Idropinico Palmense (Palmense Hydroponic Establishment), which uses the waters of the Piceno region, with a medium mineral bicarbonate-calcic composition and which flow out at a temperature of 16 degrees. The establishments, opened in 1950, are situated in the heart of a park of secular pines and palms. In the same place, traces of Roman baths have been found. The curative waters are particularly effective for the treatment of diseases of the metabolism and digestive system.

Torre di Palme Traditional Street Market

Il mercatino di Torre di Palme

Torre di Palme is becoming more and more an exceptional location, especially in the hot season, to host markets and fairs dedicated to antiques, collectibles, and exchange. A cult appointment of every summer is the Shabby market at the Borgo of Torre di Palme, an exhibition market of handicrafts and selected self-productions that attracts in the village exhibitors and buyers from every corner of Italy.

How to Get to Torre di Plame

The nearest freeway exit to Torre di Palme is Fermo – Porto San Giorgio, on the A14. From here, take the SS16 southbound and then turn right onto the SP84 to reach, in a matter of minutes, the heart of one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Italy.

Wrap It Up

The visit in the suggestive hamlet of Fermo lasts less than an hour, and it must be done entirely on foot: car traffic, in fact, is forbidden. After having left the car in the parking lot located at the village entrance, you enter the heart of the ancient medieval structure. In a few hundred square meters are concentrated churches, palaces, streets of rare beauty. And there are many places, restaurants and small hotels where you can enjoy an extraordinary lunch or enjoy a wonderful romantic night in Torre di Palme.


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