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Things to Do in Biccari, Italy

Biccari is a small village in Monti Dauni, in the province of Foggia, famous for being a perfect example of experiential tourism able to attract many tourists from all over Italy and the world.

This characteristic center of Foggia was the birthplace of the fastest man in the world, Ralph de Palma, and is now one of the main tourist destinations in the Monti Dauni. Here the authenticity of the village is combined with unique experiences that you can live in close contact with nature. With its beauty of yesteryear seems to jump out of a storybook.

In recent years, the small town has shown the best face of the province of Foggia, that of innovative ideas, good tourism, and especially the good and far-sighted administration that works to enhance its territory to make it grow positively and offer visitors unique experiences.

If you are thinking of visiting Biccari, the “glass” of Monti Dauni, here are some stops that you must absolutely mark in your itinerary to discover the best of this small village among narrow streets, arches, many stories, and panoramic views.

Maria SS Assunta Church

Chiesa di Maria SS. Assunta, Biccari

The Mother Church of Biccari, the Cathedral Maria SS Assunta, is a refined and remarkable example of neoclassical architecture that rises in the center of the small town of Monti Dauni.

The building as we see it today was rebuilt in the middle of the last century on the pre-existing Church of Maria SS Assunta founded in the distant seventeenth century. The church is huge and bright and has a classic three-nave Latin cross. A large painting of the Neapolitan school dated 1775 decorates and embellishes the central vault of the Church supported by six pairs of columns. I

Byzantine Tower

Byzantine Tower, Biccari, Italy

It is impossible to visit Biccari and not be pleasantly surprised by its ancient Byzantine Tower. High 23 meters and with an external diameter of 13 meters, divided into three floors, the mighty cylindrical tower dominates the country and has not undergone any major changes or renovations over the years.

The Byzantine Tower stands out in the heart of the historical center of Biccari. We do not know the exact date when this tower was built, but thanks to an ancient parchment, we can date its construction between 1116 and 1122. Like other towers present in the Capitanata territory, the one of Biccari was also built for defensive purposes.

Pescara Lake

Area Naturale Lago Pescara

The lake of Biccari is a natural lake basin called Lake Pescara, a characteristic small lake that extends for about three hectares with a depth that reaches even four meters at the center of the lake.

However, the term “Pescara” of the lake is improper. It would derive from an error of transcription on the toponymic maps, as the locals gave it the name of “Peschiera,” thus attributing to the lake the image of a prosperous place for fishing.

Lake Pescara extends for about three hectares with a depth that in the center reaches four meters, also constitutes an optimal ecosystem for life and reproduction of various fish species such as carp, barrel, and bleak.

Biccari Trekking

Biccari Trekking

If you love trekking, we recommend that you include it among your stops to discover Biccari and its surroundings Monte Cornacchia. With its 1152 meters, this mountain is the highest peak of the mountains of Daunia (as well as the whole of Puglia); for this reason, it is also called the “roof of Puglia.”

Between the territories of Biccari and Faeto, the wonderful Monte Cornacchia has always been a place of pilgrimage for motorcyclists and nature lovers. Within this beautiful uncontaminated environment live numerous animal species such as different types of birds and wild boars.

For its natural beauty and landscape value, the area of Monte Cornacchia has been designated by the European Union as a Site of Community Importance. Therefore it is known as SIC “Monte Cornacchia – Bosco Faeto” (IT9110003). From the top of Mount Cornacchia, you can admire a spectacular landscape.

Sleeping in Bubble Rooms

Bubble Rooms, Biccari

An experience that you absolutely must try if you choose to visit the village of Biccari is to sleep in the woods in special structures such as Bubble Rooms and Tree Houses.

A unique, magical, and special experience to live in the fairy-tale forest of Biccari, immersed in nature to taste the typical products of Monti Dauni with a fantastic picnic basket.

Thanks to the Bubble Room, you will be able to sleep under them, among the centuries-old trees of the forest of Lago Pescara, at the foot of the magnificent Monte Cornacchia, the roof of Puglia. The Bubble Rooms of Biccari are particular and suggestive spheres made of plastic material that reminds a lot of the fabric of a strong nautical dinghy.

As soon as you cross the threshold, the feeling is magical, and it’s like being in a real fairy tale. Try it to believe it! For reservations, contact Cooperativa di Comunit√† Biccari or proceed through the Booking platform.

Tree Houses in Biccari

Treehouses, Biccari, Italy

Another unique attraction in the heart of the forest of Biccari, the Tree Houses. In Biccari, in fact, you can sleep in a treehouse of Daunia Avventura, in the middle of a centuries-old forest, and in contact with nature. It is a magical and regenerating experience. You can sleep in wooden houses built in the trees, among the singing of birds and the scent of nature.

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