Pergola, Italy

Pergola, One Of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy

Recently entered in the circuit of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, Pergola is considered “the city of the golden bronzes”. But also the town of truffles.

A small town in the Marche region, located in the province of Pesaro and Urbino in the heart of the Valcesano, it is a jewel with a long history.

Pergola is rich in traditions. Of stories, of legends, of precious enogastronomic delights. Part of a territory inhabited since prehistoric times (as evidenced by the Neolithic artifacts found in these areas), it is best known for the Museum of the Golden Bronzes and the City of Pergola.

Inside are preserved unique and extraordinary finds: the group of “Bronzi Dorati da Cartoceto di Pergola” is the only group of gilded bronze existing in the world from Roman times to the present day. And seeing it means admiring a piece of ancient history. Built as if it were a walk through the streets of the city, the museum actually exhibits many extraordinary works from the churches and palaces of Pergola.

But this is not the only attraction that Pergola offers. There is the Teatro Angel Dal Foco, inside the ancient warehouses of the Monte di Pietà, with a floor plan made like a mule’s iron to adapt to the structure in which it was built; and there are, above all, its medieval churches. Because it is precisely a medieval atmosphere that you can breathe in Pergola. Especially in its religious buildings brought back to their ancient splendor: the Co-cathedral with its Capo Secondo, a rare example of late gothic goldsmith’s art; the baroque church of the Three Kings, the church of San Francesco, and the very ancient church of Santa Maria di Piazza, containing frescoes that represent the best of 15th-century fresco painting in the Marche region.

Finally, the Historical Gardens of the city, a pleasant walk that leads through the city center and that – caressing one of the most important monuments of the Marche to the Fallen of the Great War – reaches an interesting panoramic point.

Pergola is also synonymous with enogastronomy. Here truffles are produced all year round, both white and black: in October there is even the National Fair of the Pergola Prized White Truffle. While, on the weekend of the Immaculate Conception, the CioccoVisciola Christmas, the festival of chocolate, visciolato and prized white truffles, is staged.

An unmissable (and delicious) opportunity to discover an extraordinary corner of Italy.

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