Lago di Fiastra

Things to do in Lake Fiastra, Le Marche

Located within the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains in the Le Marche region, the Lake of Fiastra is a great alternative for a day trip all year round. In the summer, along its banks equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, you can enjoy the sun and have a swim in the crystal clear, unpolluted waters.

The Lake

Lago di Fiastra

It is an artificial lake created around the 50s and named after Fiastra, the town in the province of Macerata where it is located. It’s the largest hydroelectric reservoir in Le Marche, with a capacity of 20.4 million cubic meters of water and a depth of 87 meters by the dam, which forms the lake acting as a barrier to the river Fiastrone. Crossing the dam, you can access the path leading to the Lame Rosse, another area’s attraction. The lake is well organized to welcome tourists, with specific rest areasparking all around the bathing areas, an equipped beachrestaurants, and bars. There’s also a lovely pathway which can be accessed by bikes as well.

Boat tour

You can rent paddle boats or take a real ride on a boat at the main beach, under the rocky cliff of the Ruffella overlooking the lake, up to the mouth of the Fiastrone River, which feeds the lake.


At the Lake of Fiastra, you can practice sport fishing all year round, with the right permits required by law.

Several fish species, including trouts, barbels, and tenches, rudds, bleaks, roaches, perches, chubs, and carps.

If you love fishing, you should know that many competitions are held in this setting. Participants are allowed to fish using legering or spinning techniques, carp-fishing, touch fishing with a fixed 4-meter rod, or English fishing.

Sport and leisure

In the hamlet of San Lorenzo al Lago, near the small beach, you can find the Nature trail, which is about 3 km long. It runs along the eastern shore of the lake, almost as far as the dam. This is a very relaxing itinerary which can be made by bicycle as well; it will allow you to see much of the lake and its coves. The round-trip is all on the same path, and the duration is about 2½ hours.
Between June and July, the lake is home to an important sports competition: the Triathlon of the Sibillini Mountains. The race includes a swim of 1500 meters, a bike ride at a distance of 38 km, and finally, a foot race of 10 km along the banks of the lake.
Near the inlet stream of the Fiastrone river, there’s the Adventure Park, consisting of a series of paths among the trees with ropes and cables and a cableway of 120 meters that crosses the lake. The activity is suitable even for children, who expert operators guide.

Panoramic Points

Lago di Fiastra

To have a unique view of the lake and its beautiful surrounding landscape, I suggest you some easily accessible panoramic points.
From the town of Fiastra descending towards San Lorenzo al Lago, a climb leads to the old ruins of the Castle Da Varano and Church of St. Paolo: you’ll have a complete view of the lake here!
From San Lorenzo al Lago, you can drive up to the Madonna del Sasso Bianco Church, overlooking the village and the lake.
From the Church of the Beato Ugolino, in the hamlet of Fiegni, the view is over the Sibillini Mountains.
Another point where you can enjoy the panorama is the Ruffella viewpoint, a rock overlooking the lake located just above the church of the Beato Ugolino, going up towards the hamlet of Fiegni.

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