10 Must-Eat Foods in Le Marche, Italy

I love it most when I’m on holidays trying new food and taste the local tradition’s typical dishes. Le Marche region is renowned for the quality of its products and heavy dishes. Yes, you’ll probably gain some weight during your stay, but there are too many delicious things you have to try!

1. Cold cuts and cheese

Typically served on a cutting board as an appetizer in bars or as a starter in agriturismo and restaurants, the selection of cold cuts and cheese might vary according to each different area. Among Le Marche specialties, we can include Ciauscolo salami, Fabriano salami, Carpegna ham, pork loin, and coppa di testa. As for the cheese, you cannot miss Pecorino, Fossa cheese, Urbino Caciotta, Truffle Cheese, and Fresh Ricotta cheese.

2. Truffle

You’ll find it in most of the towns and cities of the hinterland, mainly in autumn but also in the summertime, and it’s really of a high-quality level.

Now it is used as the main ingredient for recipes from appetizer to dessert. I prefer it on croutons, on fresh handmade pasta, or fried eggs.
Maybe you think I’m biased, but the area of Acqualagna is the best one to eat truffle both at lunch or dinner.

3. Ragù of Le Marche

Our ragù is truly different! Many meat varieties are used for preparation: from beef to chicken, pig to lamb, or even goat. It is a delicious sauce and has a long cooking time. Obviously, it matches with all kinds of fresh pasta, but it’s perfect with tagliatelle noodles.

4. Vincisgrassi

This is Le Marche’s version of lasagna, a typical first dish of the Emilia Romagna region. Seven layers of hand-rolled out pasta topped with bechamel and ragù. It is a classic Sunday lunch dish at Grandma’s

5. Passatelli

That’s my favorite first course ever!  Served with soup or a thousand varieties of sauces, passatelli is a mix of grated bread, parmesan cheese, eggs, nutmeg, flour, and grated lemon. A special iron tool gives its characteristic shape, but potato ricers are also widely used.

6. Roasted rabbit

We call it ‘Coniglio in porchetta,’ and what makes it different from traditional roasted rabbit is its seasoning: wild fennel, bacon, white wine, and black olives. A rich dish, which I recommend to enjoy in the farmhouses that often have their own breeding farms!

7. Brodetto

Each town and city of the coast has its own variant of fish soup, the brodetto. I suggest you taste that one of Fano, to which a famous Festival is dedicated every year at the beginning of September.

8. Mixed fried food

The typical mixed fried food is that of Ascoli Piceno, consisting of lamb chopscremini made with fried custard cream, ascolana olives, and zucchini blossoms, zucchini, and artichokes. This is the best dish for holiday meals in Le Marche!

9. Crescia

Typical of the hinterland of Le Marche, it looks like a Romagna piadina, but it’s much more savory! The dough is made with flour, milk, brewer’s yeast, and oil. Someone adds grated cheese and also lard to make it peeled off. It is grilled and traditionally stuffed with salami, field herbs, and cheese.

10. Cicerchiata

Let’s close this chart with a sweet of the Carnival period. It could be a bit difficult to find it at other times of the year, but if you can, try it at local bakery shops. It is made of many fried or baked balls, mixed with hot honey. This is the classic recipe; then some add chopped almonds, pine nuts, or peanuts. There’s even a chocolate version. The name comes from cicerchia, a famous legume of Le Marche that recalls the balls’ shape. It is served cold, cut into slices.

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