Cala Cipolla, Chia, Sardinia

7 Best Beaches of Chia, Sardinia

An enchanting part of Sardinia, The bay of Chia, located in the southwest of Sardinia, is a daydream, with long beaches of white sand, washed by an emerald sea, surrounded by lush nature.

Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu Beach, Chia, Sardinia 2

The beach of Su Giudeu, the largest and perhaps one of the most beautiful of the entire southwest coast, takes its name from the small island that lies just in front of the beach. Its fine, golden sand has often been the background to sets of films or commercials that have not resisted the call of a refined beauty ready to be shown.

The large dunes that shelter it from the mistral make it particularly enjoyable even on windy days and, near the beach, there is also a pond that is home to many species of animals, first of all, the pink flamingo.

Domus de Maria

Chia - Domus de Maria

This town is located in the southernmost part of the island and is rich in all kinds of beauty, ranging from Chia’s beautiful beaches (its hamlet), the mountains on which thrive undisturbed juniper trees. The woods grow luxuriant and are interspersed with granite peaks, often crossed by deer and wild boars.

In these enchanting places for colors and atmosphere, there is no shortage of scents of the earth that mix with those of the sea as we move towards the coast.

Cala del Morto

Cala del Morto, Chia

Although the name is not very inviting, this cove can certainly be one of the most beautiful. It is a lovely beach of fine golden sand enclosed by amazing pink granite rocks. To complete the picture, you find a frame of Mediterranean pines and junipers that perfume the air already full of magic.

Cala del Morto can only be reached on foot following the path that goes around Monte Cogoni if you come from Campana or the beach if you come from Colonia.

Sa Colonia

Sa Colonia

Also, in Sa Colonia, the sand is wonderful and meets very high standards of beauty. It is about 1 km long and starts from the promontory to head towards Monte Cogoni. Its peculiarity is given by the small dunes that compose it and the pond that is located in its westernmost part. You can also smell the scent of history on this beach because its immediate vicinity began the most important archaeological excavations of ancient Bithia.


Teulada Beach, Chia

Between Chia and Teulada, there are about 25 km. Still, it seems that more than one specialized magazine recommends driving this road (which was awarded the fourth place among the 10 most beautiful roads in Italy) calmly, admiring the sea on one side and the hinterland on the other. You find Porto Tramatzu, the village’s beach, and it is a real beauty among the most beautiful beaches. The soft white sand dives into a transparent sea just in front of the beautiful Isola Rossa.

Porto Zafferano is located on the east side of Capo Teulada and can only be reached by sea during July and August when the military area allows free access. Even Cala Piombo can only be reached by sea in July and August for the same reasons, but its gray sand mixed with light and dark pebbles is a sight worth waiting for.

Monte Cogoni

Monte Cogoni Beach,Chia
Photo by Sensei Minimal on Unsplash

The beach of Monte Cogoni is located near the Torre Chia, a stone’s throw from Sa Colonia. In the winter period, the two beaches are separated by a stream that disappears in summer. The beach is both free and equipped, with the possibility to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, canoes, and pedal boats.

Behind the beach is a characteristic pond where you can observe pink flamingos, herons, and coots. The beach is wide, sandy, and soft. The seabed is gently sloping in-depth, so the place is particularly suitable for children.

The crystal clear waters are home to many marine varieties, so the beach is very popular with snorkeling and underwater fishing lovers. It is also a place often chosen by surfers because of the strong wind.

Cala Cipolla

Cala Cipolla, Chia, Sardinia

Cala Cipolla is the last of the beaches in Baia di Chia and Domus De Maria, a small beach sheltered from the winds and almost hidden by the hills and surrounded by pink granite boulders. The beach has fine golden sand, framed by Mediterranean vegetation, the sea is crystal clear, and the sandy seabed is dotted with isolated rocks outcropping here and there.

The beach’s first meters have a shallow seabed, suitable for children’s games and long walks on the shoreline. However, the beach is free and without services, which are found near the nearby Su Giudeu, located just beyond the parking fee in the dirt road in front of the cove.

Cala Cipolla can be reached on foot through a short climb on the parking lot’s right.

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